In a Second…..

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Life comes out of the womb,

soul descends the Earth,

smile becomes tears;tears become smile,

in a second………


Fire turns forest into ashes,

water reduces fire into smoke,

we torment nature;nature torments us

in a second………


Democracies change,

people change,

friends become enemies;enemies become friends,

in a second……….


Life changes its course,

words influence mind,

question becomes answer;answer becomes question,

in a second………..


We satirize others,

satisfaction becomes greed,

we cheat others;others cheat us,

in a second………..


Everything happens,

or sometimes, nothing,

you trip through a stone ;or just walk your bones,

in a second………..


A law is repealed,

milk turns sour,

birds fly off with their feather;feather fall off from birds,

in a second………..



everything happens in a second………

you’d be walking the very second,

and the next you might be laying down………

but hey, don’t be afraid of it,

b’cos this uncertainty is what makes life beautiful,

and the world a better place to live in,

in a second………….



Curiosity Kills The Cat

photo of a person leaning on wooden window
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Being alone, in an hour of its own,

engulfed in a power unknown .

For the stars, the moon, the sky and the clouds,

surround me and take me to a world so loud,


I ponder upon the questions unanswered,

and wonder about the words unsaid;

But moments later,

when questions are answered and words are said,

Reality kicks me back.

And I think about the wishes I had,

as now alone I cry and cry,

because very rightly said curiosity kills the cat.

From Dusk To Dawn

When the red rays kiss the blanket of snow,

When the birds sing their departure in a flow,

And when the sky seems to forget the limits of its own,

It is beginnig of the journey from dusk to dawn.

When the trees are hushed in the silence of their leaves,

When the air is sweet in the bitterness of its breeze,

And when the houses glow in the beauty of their walls,

It is the beginning of the journey from dusk to dawn.

When the mountains seem old in the harshness of cold,

When the fog seems crystal with desire to be sold,

And when the body seems blessed in the eternity of its own,

It is the beginning of the journey from dusk to dawn.

From dusk to dawn.